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Erasmus+ Report by Jasmin Schiefer, University of Barcelona

Image: © Jasmin Schiefer

Punctual Start? No way!

My Name is Jasmin and I am in my sixth semester and I decided to spend this one in Barcelona. One week before my supposed departure my mood was on the ground, because on top of my already present nervousness, I got COVID19. What a disaster. Due to this happening, I arrived a week late and was very afraid to miss out something. But gladly it turned out, that the whole team of the University in Barcelona is so friendly, helpful, and understanding that I felt totally safe and welcomed from the beginning on. I even made it to the “welcome-hike”, so right after my sickness I was finally hiking on the hills of Barcelona. With a spectacular view and so many other lovely students I started straight into my semester. I can’t even explain the feeling of happiness I experienced in this moment. Afterwards we went to see the Campus and I was even more astonished. A cute little university campus on the bottom of Tibidabo surrounded by palm trees and nature. What a pleasure to study here!

I would love to tell you something about the University and my studies now. The system in Spain is very different to our system- in my eyes somehow better. Firstly, for the same amount of ECTS, you only must do 6 courses/p. semester which is way less than in my university. This requirement provides you an opportunity to focus more on the specific topics because you have the same course 2 or 3 times a week. Furthermore, what I really enjoyed was the calmness of the teachers. If you run late, no problem, your responsibility. If you need more time for anything, no problem, just ask for it. You are already educated enough in this topic? Great, do the alternative assessment!

The City

Barcelona is truly amazing. The cultural diversity, the Latino influence, the LGBTQIA+ friendly environment, the skater and the artsy vibe in the city is just incredible.


This stay helped me to improve my English a lot and I learned some Spanish (A1) as well. Due to the cultural exchange I achieved so much knowledge about different countries and Spain!

The Flat

Through Facebook I met a girl from Sweden. It was a perfect match from the beginning on and we started searching for an apartment together with another lovely friend of mine. At the end we couldn’t be happier in our apartment right in the heart of Gotic district!

To finish, I can really say going to BCN is the greatest thing you can do! There is no chance to NOT meet people, as there are so many Erasmus groups and students from all over the world. I totally grew as a person and created a lot of unforgettable memories & I bet you can too!

My top tips for Barcelona:

  1. MACBA & Raval district- it’s a place to hang out, skate and grab a beer
  2. Antic Teatre- this is one of the most beautiful squares I’ve seen in BCN
  3. Bunkers- best view over BCN with the most beautiful sunset
  4. Laberint d` Horta- it’s very pretty and right next to the UB!

Studying in Barcelona was one of the best experiences in my life. The UB provides a lot of inclusive, students-friendly opportunities which I appreciated a lot! With this in mind: a big thanks to the whole UB Team!

Author: Jasmin Schiefer

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