My Adventure in Norway

Norway (image by Daniela Silan)
Norway (image by Daniela Silan)

Hei. Jeg heter Daniela og kommer fra Østerrike. Jeg bor nå i Oslo på Sogn studentby. Hær bor jeg sammen med tre andre studenter.

Hey, my name is Daniela and I am from Austria. Now I am living in Oslo at Sogn student housing, together with three more students.

My biggest adventure so far, started an entire month ago on the 9th of August. I packed up my things and took the plane from Vienna to Oslo. After about two hours I landed in Norway and the weather was anything but nice – it was pouring rain. I had to get to the SiO-Center at the Campus of the University of Oslo to pick up my keys, and let me tell you, everything gets so much harder with two big suitcases and one backpack. It felt like heaven to arrive at my student house and to go to bed at that day.

The first couple of days consisted of exploring the city with other international students and of course a trip to Ikea to get all the things needed for the apartment. I never knew that buying a blanket could be so challenging, because there was a huge range of different ones but in the end, I think I made a good choice. Throughout the first week I also got to know all my flatmates, a German girl, a girl from the U.S. and a Norwegian guy, who soon became my friends.

In the second week, the “Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences” organized a Buddy Week with loads of different activities and Parties throughout the week so I got to know other International and Norwegian students which was a lot of fun. The culmination of the week was on Saturday where all students could go on a boat trip to Oslo fjord and to different museums all over Oslo for free.

On the 22nd of August, the time has come to start my course. I chose to attend the course “English in Teacher Education for grade 1-7” which is worth 30 ECTS. This is completely different to Austria, where we have a lot of small courses and I was curious about how this course would be structured. Most of the students which are attending this course are Norwegian teaching-students in their 4th year of their studies. At the beginning, it wasn’t easy to get in touch with them, because Norwegians are a little bit shy, but after a while in class they became more open. I am so happy that I chose this course, but what was really shocking for me that I had to buy a lot of books, which were quite expensive – 350€ (OMG!).

Two weeks later my Norwegian course started. It is completely different to start to learn a new language, if you are living in the country where the language is spoken. I am so encouraged to learn new vocabulary so that I can understand people talking in Norwegian and it is also good to have a Norwegian flatmate. I think it’s hard for him sometimes. Imagine three girls constantly asking about vocabulary, pronouncing it completely wrong so that you have to repeat the same word around twenty times, every day.

Besides the university there is also the fun side of going on an exchange semester. I went to parties where I had to spend a lot of money to buy drinks and it is true, it is expensive to buy alcohol here. A better choice is it to work on your activity level and Norwegian people are encouraging you to do that. When I went on my first walk up to the lake which is near my student housing, one old Norwegian guy asked me why I was just walking and not running, so that was when I knew I had to become more active. Oslo’s nature provides a lot of opportunities to do so and I can’t wait to get to see the rest of Norway and experience new adventures.

Kind regards from Norway,

Daniela Silan


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  1. Schön von dir zu lesen- das sind ja imposante Eindrücke und ja, ich stimme dir zu! Es ist schon fast ein MUSS im Erasmussemester aktiver zu werden.

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