My Erasmus in Aabenraa, Denmark

The journey to Aabenraa
The Erasmus course in Aabenraa started on the 16th of August however, I already went there a week before with my Family. I went there by car because there is no direct connection. I would have had to fly to Copenhagen, take a train and then two buses to the apartment in a place I had never been before. In the end, it was a good decision, as many of the other Erasmus students had problems with the journey. It also gave me a chance to see many of the surrounding towns and even spend a few days enjoying the beach on the West coast which was beautiful.

Strand in Rømø © Mihajla Vasić

The city is very small but it has everything you need. There The city lies directly on the sea. In the summer we went to the beach every day. You can also enjoy a beautiful sunrise from there.

There are many shops for shopping, some cute cafes and restaurants, there is a cinema and also a night club for going out and partying. The only problem is that Denmark is very expensive in terms of food and drinks.

Zentrum Aabenraa © Mihajla Vasić

The weather
Denmark is very cold! Since I was there in the winter semester, it was even worse. It rains very often and it’s always windy. But we had a beautiful white Christmas, which we rarely have in Austria. Even if the weather is cold, the people are not! I met a lot of nice and friendly people. Many people in Aabenraa speak perfect English and were always willing to help us when we didn’t know our way around or needed help translating something.

Ausblick aus der Wohnung im
Dezember © Mihajla Vasić

The University
There are plenty of places to hang out with friends inside and outside of college. The university has its own outdoor cooking area, which we also used in one of our classes. There are many study rooms indoors, equipped with tables and chairs. There is also a music room with many instruments, and we were allowed to borrow some guitars and bring them to our apartment. There is a table tennis and table football for students to use in the hallway of the university. We were allowed to enter the university at all times, it was open for us 24/7, we had movie nights at the university and organize parties there.

The course
The courses were very interesting and I learned a lot of new things that I will definitely need later on in my life. The professors were all very nice and helpful. The course is not very demanding and doesn’t require a lot of work, so you have a lot of time for yourself and can do other activities, so we traveled around the country a lot, we also went to Germany and Sweden a few times, as these countries border Denmark directly.

All in all, I had a lot of fun, met great people and learned a lot for life. If the opportunity arose, I would definitely do it again.

Autorin Mihajla Vasić

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