My fantastic first month in Andalucia

photo by Paul Schinnerl

Exactly four weeks ago I arrived in Huelva after an exciting road trip. In the first week here we had the “Welcome Week”. All the Erasmus+ students got introduced into organizational things and attended different workshops. My first impressions of everything here were amazing, and that hasn’t changed till now.

The city and the people here are very nice. I am living exactly between the inner city and the main campus of the University, “El Carmen”. My flatmates are other Erasmus+ Students from Bulgaria and the Czeck Republic. When we are not at the University, we try to do as many activities as possible, the area around Huelva offers a lot of possibilities to spend time. I was visiting Cordoba and Cadiz once, and Sevilla twice. I went the first time to the closest beach in Punta Umbria on my second day, the weather was especially in the first week very well. I am also a big football fan, so also there in this is a wonderful place to stay for me. The Andalucian lifestyle is really interesting and slowly I also get used to it. The daily routine, the food, the whole mentality here is great, if you get involved to it.

The university started a bit chaotic, but the responsible people here are very helpful and till now everything works out well. Next week I have my assessment about my registration for this semester. I am also doing a practicum in “Colegio El Puntal” in Bellavista, close to Huelva. Actually, I am there twice a week, and till now it is a great experience. The teachers and pupils welcomed me very well and i feel very good at this place. The practicum is also a good chance to improve my Spanish language skills. It is not that easy to get in contact with many Spanish students, because most of the time I am surrounded of other international student, so the practicum and the Spanish course at the university are very important for me.

I also want to mention the great Erasmus community here. The people are open-minded and communicative, it is really a great experience. I am very thankful for all what happened in that first month. To be honest, I had high expectations for the time here, but it is even better than i thought.

Paul Schinnerl

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