My semester abroad in Barcelona

Barcelona (Image by Magdalena)
Barcelona (Image by Magdalena)

With a heavy heart, I am back in Austria. I studied a semester in Barcelona. There I have completed many different courses and met many new great people. For me, it was the first time that I had been separated from my family and friends for so long. However, I almost had no homesickness, as I quickly found a connection. Despite initial complications, this stay was a wonderful experience for me. I have developed personally as well as professionally. I was able to teach at a school in Barcelona. The practice at the school Gravi was great fun. We were two students. We taught in total 12 classes, the children were 6-12 years old. At first, we watched and helped, after 2 weeks we started to teach small sequences, then full lessons. All units were taught in English. We were also invited to the school’s Christmas concert. My colleague accompanies a song with her ukulele and I sang a verse of a song. All together it was a  lot of fun and I was able to get an insight into another school system and also get to know two very nice English teachers from Barcelona. For the teachers, it was very important to have a friendly relationship with the pupils. The teachers were addressed by their first name and the relationship between teachers and students was very warm. The English level of the kids was better than I expected. However, I noticed that the teachers there are not very structured. The children can write as they please and they are not required to write notes during the lessons. The structure and organization were missing.I am very happy to have done this semester abroad. I was able to complete my courses all before the Christmas holidays.Unfortunately, the time has passed too fast. I hope to be able to visit this beautiful city soon and also meet my new friends as soon as possible. I would do it again immediately.


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