My start in Zwolle

photo by Klara Katzensteiner


I have been living in Zwolle for one month and the time passes by extremely quick.I already found friends which I feel very close to. I am glad that I chose the to live on the campsite, because eleven students of our international class live here too, so all of us stick very close together.

On one hand the campsite is very far away from the citycenter, the university, the grocery store and the train station and it is extremely expensive for what it offers. On the other hand my fellow students here compensate it. On rainy days we watch Harry Potter, on sunny days we visit the Netherlands together (unfortunately we are very unlucky with the weather and it is raining for two weeks now). Six girls of us have even been to Prague in the spring Holidays. Even now after this short time I have accommodation offers all over Europe (plus the Asian side of Turkey) and friends on which I can count on and come to with every problem I have.

Our international class has only 16 students; therefore the climate is very enjoyable. The relationship between the teacher and the students is not the same as in Austria. We call every teacher by their first name, the teachers respect us as much as we respect them and it is not a strict and formal atmosphere like with some teachers in Graz. My practice school is very lovely and small. It is known for its pedagogical way of working. I am teaching the age of 10-12, which is a challenge for me because I am absolutely not familiar with this age group. I am really looking forward to my teaching practice and to handle all the new challenges.

Klara Katzensteiner

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