My time abroad (a poem about Erasmus)

Time abroad (Photo by Nadine Bührlen)
Time abroad (Photo by Nadine Bührlen)

I have to say without any lies,
this year in England was nice and not a Scheiß! 😉
It has broadened my mind and opened my eyes
and given my life some extra spic
It has been a pleasure to meet all these guys
and I’ll miss them, the good vibes and the delicious pies.
I hope now I won’t need another size
because maybe I had too many burgers and fries.
With all these experiences I am ready to reach new heights,
but I will be the one who cries
after saying all these goodbyes.
(Nadine Bühlen, 2017)

Nadine Bührlen was a student at the University College of Teacher Education Styria. In 2016/17 she did an 8 months Erasmus+ Graduate internship as a Language Assistant at Barr Beacon School in England.

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