Narva XVI International Student Research Conference 2016

University of Tartu (Image CC BY 2.0 Bernt Rostad /https://www.flickr.com/photos/brostad/9412005231/in/photolist-fkGZfg-4aXNDc-6LesV1-6LeuAU-6LetDG-J3T4a-2kCC41-4LTvqJ-4LTuzd-4LPk8Z-4LPkVp-4LPk2T-4LTumo-4LPm9k-8sU9L7-8sR3Yn-gLbGR-gLbup-gLbUh-gpJc7-H5yhz-H8pfu-H8qNp-H8ppb-H8qYH-H8r7t-H5ym6-H5ygr-H8pnE-H8p2b-H5yn8-H5yj6-H5ymv-H5vRA-H8qRH-H8qHB-H5yjF-H8paE-H5ykD-6mBjsc-6mBoJM-6mBp3T-6mBosK-6mFtZm-6mBnDc-6mFvX3-6mFvvu-6mFwF5-6mBhCt-6mFtDW-6mFrLN/)
University of Tartu (Image CC BY 2.0 Bernt Rostad /https://www.flickr.com/photos/brostad)

The University of Tartu Narva College invites academic research papers for its XVI International Student Research ConferenceDate: 21–23 April, 2016  (Narva, Estonia) The working language is English.

Russian Language and Culture: working language is Russian

The conference focuses on the fields of pedagogy, philology and culture, public sector, youth work, entrepreneurship and project management, and Russian language and culture.They welcome students to take part in stimulating academic discussions. If you are bachelor’s or master’s student and have your own research, either as a thesis or a work in progress, this conference is an opportunity for you to share your ideas with other students and make inspiring international contacts.

Don’t forget it: NO participation fee! They provide free accommodation and meals during the conference for all the speakers.In the final conference day they also organise an excursion to the surrounding region of Narva, that is both, Estonian eastern border area as well as the European Union border with Russia.

The submission deadline is 1 March, 2016.

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