New Eurydice Publication: Modernisation of Higher Education in Europe: Academic Staff – 2017

photo by GotCredit

The report Modernisation of Higher Education in Europe: Academic Staff – 2017 explores the current realities for academic staff within the changing higher education landscape in Europe. It focuses on the qualification requirements for academic staff, the recruitment process, employment and working conditions in academia, the impact of external quality assurance, and top-level strategies for internationalization. It also includes national diagrams showing key characteristics of academic staff categories.

The report is mainly based on qualitative data gathered by the Eurydice Network, covering higher education systems in 35 countries. The data collection focused on academic higher education staff who are primarily responsible for teaching and/or research. In addition, quantitative data from Eurostat and the European Education Tertiary Register (ETER) were also used, as well as information gathered from surveys developed for this report to academic staff Trade Unions and Quality Assurance agencies.

Find out more about this publication here: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/fpfis/mwikis/eurydice/index.php/Publications:Modernisation_of_Higher_Education_in_Europe:_Academic_Staff_%E2%80%93_2017

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