New Eurydice Report on Recommended Annual Instruction Time in Full-time Compulsory Education in Europe – 2017/18

Publication (Image CC BY 2.0 Joel Penner /https://www.flickr.com/photos/featheredtar/2302651444)
Publication (Image CC BY 2.0 Joel Penner /https://www.flickr.com/photos/featheredtar/2302651444)

Read Eurydice’s latest publication, the report outlines how reading, writing and literature are the subject areas that take up the largest share of instruction time, especially in primary education.

The Council of the European Union has set the goal of reducing low achievement in reading, mathematics and science among 15-year-olds to less than 15 % by 2020. How are European countries going to achieve this? One of the key elements in the learning process is the instruction time available to students.

In fact, not only the quality of instruction but also the time available for learning can have a positive effect on students’ learning process, in particular, in the case of disadvantaged students.

Read the full report here

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