New Eurydice Reports on the Structure of the European Education Systems and on Compulsory Education

Publication (Image CC BY 2.0 Joel Penner /https://www.flickr.com/photos/featheredtar/2302651444)
Publication (Image CC BY 2.0 Joel Penner /https://www.flickr.com/photos/featheredtar/2302651444)

Read Eurydice’s latest publication The Structure of the European Education Systems to find out how each country organises their education systems.

  • This report provides information on the structure of mainstream education in European countries from pre-primary to tertiary level for the 2017/18 school and academic years. It includes national schematic diagrams, an explanatory guide and a map showing the main organisational models of primary and secondary education. The information is available for 43 European education systems, covering 38 countries participating in the EU’s Erasmus+ programme.

Compulsory Education in Europe – 2017/18.

  • In this new Eurydice’s publication you will find out the duration of compulsory education/training throughout Europe. It highlights the starting and leaving ages and distinguishes the notions of full-time and part-time compulsory education/ training for each country.

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