Nina Meisslitzer, Portugal, Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal

photo by Nina Meisslitzer

I arrived at Lisbon airport on the 9th of February at 17:30 and was very nervous because I didn´t knew how things would be here. At the airport two Portuguese girls were waiting for me to pick me up and bring me to the Blue Coast Hostel, were I wanted to stay for the first week. The girls tried to talk to me in English, what was very hard for me to understand because their English wasn’t very good. In the evening we went to the mall of Setúbal which is called “Allegro” and after that they showed me the University. I was amazed about the weather here because in my first week here it had almost every day 20 degrees (and it is the beginning of February now). Unfortunately I underestimated the cold during the night because I didn´t knew that in Portugal there are no heaters in the flats. I think this is very important to know if you want to stay here in the “cold” months.

In addition it is also helpful to know, that it is hard to find some people here who are able to speak English. Nevertheless the people in Setúbal are so helpful und kind and I felt comfortable since my arrival. The landscape of Setúbal is unbelievable beautiful and I totally fell in love with the wonderful beaches.

I am looking forward to the next months I will stay here and hopefully I am able to see as much as possible from this wonderful country and his culture.

Nina Meisslitzer

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