Not in Barcelona, but in the lecture hall (home)

Participants of the WebEx Meeting (Photo Heiko Vogl)

01 April 2020 – Erasmus+ teacher mobility is currently not possible due to the limited freedom of movement. This also applies to the course “E3 Empowering Education in a European Context” at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

IL Prof. Mag. Susanne Linhofer and Prof. Heiko Vogl MA BEd from the Institute for Diversity Studies and International Relations were to teach 18 international students from 30.03. to 03.04.2020 in Barcelona.

The result is online teaching from the lecture hall H(ome). For the online teaching a mix of different tools was used: WebEx for online meetings, eTwinning for project management and execution, Moodle for course design and Mahara for ePortfolios.

Participants from Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Barcelona and Austria (screenshot Heiko Vogl)

The participants of the course, Erasmus students from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, have already left Barcelona and attended classes from their home countries.

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