One day inside the “Collective” – an Erasmus+ experience by an outgoing student

Barcelona cc by Tim Missethan

One day inside the “Collective” by Tim Missethan

My stay in Barcelona has been the greatest experience in my life so far, and there are so many things I would like to tell about. But I want to tell you the story of my experience in the “Collective”. The Collective is a magical place, it’s a small bar opened by some creative minds who wanted to help people express themselves. It’s an open-mic bar, and it just opens for some special events. As I walked there with friends, I liked the bar from the start. It was a place where the people where open-minded, the atmosphere was relaxed and the people immediately connected with each other. And at this day the event was called English Poetry Slam.
As the event started, there were about 30 people in the bar, and a girl who directed the event asked the crowd if someone wants to go on the stage to perform. Those people who wanted to do this had to sign in a list, but they also said that you can do it spontaneous if you are feeling it.
So they started the event with performing some poems and songs, and it was great to see how young people went on the stage to express themselves in front of others.
When I saw all those young people doing what they like and not fearing anything, I felt like I want to go there, but I had some fears. When finally the last one went on the stage they asked the crowd if there is still someone who want to go, and they asked like “This is your last chance, it’s now or never!”
I felt like they were just talking to me, and I took a deep breath and said: “Yes, I want to do it.” My heart started beating and I was super nervous, but I tried to act cool. All the other artists who went there performed while staying, but I asked if I could have a chair to sit. Then they gave me the guitar and I started to play some accords to feel comfortable and calm down. I introduced myself and had a little chat with the crowd, but I guess they could see that I was so nervous. The girl who directed the event smiled at me and asked me if I want to use the microphone like all the others, because I just sat there and talked without using it. I didn’t realized this and said yes, of course I will do it with microphone. So they put the microphone in front of my chair and I started. I played the Intro when suddenly the microphone dropped, but I was so nervous that I played like I was in trance and I didn’t care about this. I just continued doing my thing. I performed a rap-song of Kendrick Lamar and I didn’t realize what was going on around me, I was just completely with me.
When I finished I opened my eyes and I couldn’t realize what I just did, the feeling was amazing and the people were giving me applause, and I was overwhelmed. I went back to my seat while my whole body was shaking, and inside me I felt relief. When I went home to sleep I still felt overwhelmed and even the next days I had so much energy.
To sum up, this experience helped me to be a more open-minded person and after this event my stay in Barcelona was even better. Every time I now think about this day I feel good, and it will be an unforgettable memory of my life. But I can say that my whole stay in Barcelona helped me to grow as a person and influenced my perspectives of life, so I’m very grateful to have had the chance to do an Erasmus program like this.

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