Publications Office of the EU – Erasmus accreditation

Publication (Wytrazek CC0 https://pixabay.com/de/buch-stack-bibliothek-lesen-wissen-2852903/)

Launched in 2014, the Erasmus+ Programme has created numerous opportunities for mobility and cooperation in education, training, youth and sport. It has provided valuable skills and experience to participants, and helped to modernise education, training, and youth work across Europe.

The new Programme (2021-2027) aims to be even more inclusive, accessible, and sustainable. Important goals include supporting the digital transition in European education and helping to build the European Education Area. To achieve these objectives, the new Programme has been designed to be easier than ever for organisations to access. Erasmus accreditation is crucial for this objective. Erasmus accreditation is a new way to access mobility activities under the new Programme. This brochure explains how accreditation works, who can apply, and what the benefits are. (Source: https://op.europa.eu/en/publication-detail/-/publication/fe4eb1b7-a252-11eb-b85c-01aa75ed71a1)

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