Six unforgettable weeks in Barcelona (written by Romina Schein)

Sitges (Photo by Romina Schein)

My Erasmus ended earlier than planned due to the Covid 19 situation. Nevertheless, I spent 6 unforgettable weeks in Spain, Barcelona.

I studied at the University “Autónoma de Barcelona” (https://www.uab.cat/). The university was impressive. It was huge and combined many courses of study on one site. There was a own train station on the campus of the university. There were also a lot of cafeterias and free time activities such as climbing gyms and tennis courts.

E3 Program:

I completed the E3 program in Barcelona. This gave us a class, where we had to deal with the same people every day. From my perspective this was very pleasant, as friendships developed quickly. Because of the many group activities we worked as a team after a short time.

The professors of the Spanish module welcomed us very warmly and open-minded. They were often not like professors but like a part of the team in relation to our class community.


After 3 weeks on campus our 2-week internship started. For this, two to three people from different countries were always grouped together. I spent my internship with Xena from Belgium and Lars from Denmark. We were in an extraordinary nice school where everybody welcomed us warmly and showed great interest in our home countries. At my internship school the focus was on children with special needs. This was very advantageous for me, as this is also my main focus in Graz. It was interesting to see how another country deals with this focus and I could learn a lot.

Our mentors accompanied us the whole 2 weeks and kept in touch even after our departure and always gave us greetings from the children.

Barcelona Life:

I lived with 2 friends from Graz in an Airbnb apartment in the middle of the city. The university would also have provided student residences, but they would have been 1 hour away from the city. Our location of the apartment was perfect and we had good public connections to the university. We quickly made new friends and experienced extraordinary moments during these 6 weeks.

It was a pity that without a goodbye we all had to travel home. But I am very happy to have had the short, unforgettable experience and still be able to finish my studies online.

Author: Romina Schein.

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