Studying abroad in Copenhagen

Photo: Kristin Zaunschirm

In January 2019, I decided to go abroad in order to make my dream come true: studying in another country. For me, it was obvious, that I wanted to go to Scandinavia. I signed up for two universities in Denmark, one in Copenhagen, the other one in South Denmark and one in Norway, in Oslo. I was really lucky, to get confirmed I could go to Copenhagen, because it was my first choice.

I booked my flights in advance for August 10th and December 20th – so I knew I had four and a half months to live my best life there. As I arrived at my accommodation in Amager – a house for ten tenants – I was really happy, because it was near to the beach, had a nice garden and it did not take me too long into the city center. I shared my room with another girl, who I already knew before and it was kind of a new experience for me – a nice one though. We lived together with two other girls in the first floor, with whom we had such a great time together. We paid the rent in advance, which was – to be honest – not that cheap, but as I knew before Copenhagen is an expensive city, it was okay.

I had the opportunity to go by bus, metro, train or bike, which I rented on the second day, to my university. In August, September and October I always cycled, which took me 25 minutes. In November and December, I went by metro and train, which took me 20 minutes.

I am very passionate about the bike paths all over the city, where you can cycle peacefully with no stress. Also, the public transport works really well and is not that expensive. I travelled most of the time with my “Reijsekort” or my monthly ticket, which is called “Pendlerkort”, which I bought in the app “DSB”.

Regarding to my University, which is called Københavns Professionshøjskole, located not far away from the center, I can say that I have never seen such a modern university before. The campus offers many places, where you can study in silence, a few snack bars, a library and a lot of space, where you can just spend your time. I had chosen three courses in advance, which were taught in English and each one took place once a week. I really liked the teachers, the classroom atmosphere and the contact with international students as well. I have learned a lot for my future job as a primary school teacher.

In one course, called Nordic Model, we had the opportunity to spend a whole week in a school. We observed a preschool class and 6th graders, which we really liked and learned a lot about teaching methods. It was a nice possibility, to see the differences between an Austrian and a Danish school.

In regard to the city of Copenhagen, I can confirm, that it is a really liveable city with a lot of friendly people. We explored the whole city and also found a few places, which were not only for tourists. Most of the time we got the flair from the city by just walking or cycling through the city. I really recommend going to Copenhagen, especially in summer, where you can spend your day at the beach or in winter, where you can get an impression of the wonderful Christmas-flair through the whole city.

In October, me and my friend rented a car to go through Denmark, in order to explore Aalborg, Aarhus, Skagen and the National park in Esbjerg. We also went by Flixbus to Stockholm, Götheborg and Karlstad in Sweden, as well as to Oslo in Norway. I really recommend seeing as much as possible from Scandinavia without a lot of costs.

Last but not least, I have had the most wonderful time in my life, where I experienced a lot. Not only did I experience the new city and culture, but also improved my English and made a few life-time friends, which I will stay in contact with. I really suggest going abroad, no matter where, just for the experience, which will last forever.

Some side-information:

Bike rent: Swapfiets (ca. 20€ per month)

App for bus, metro, train: Rejseplanen

App for buying tickets for public transport: DSB

Author: Kristin Zaunschirm.

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  1. Hi Ana!! I would love to know a little bit more about your experience. I’m thinking about doing Eramus at KP as well!! I’m really concerned about a place to stay (it’s so expensive)!!!

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