Studying abroad in Kortrijk (Belgium)

Kortrijk (Photo by Gregor Köberl)

Exactly one year ago, I decided that I wanted to do a semester abroad. For me it was always clear that I wanted to go to a country that is more northern than Austria. I was browsing through different programs and suddenly I came across a very exciting program in a small town in Belgium called Kortrijk.

For those who are not so sure about geography, Kortrijk is in the Flemish part of Belgium. Kortrijk is not far from the French border and besides, it is only 60 minutes by train, and you are at the North Sea.

Together with a friend I started the journey to Belgium by car. When we arrived there, we were already expected by the house representative of the VIVES dormitory and he showed us our rooms immediately. In this student residence there are single rooms and double rooms. Each room has its own shower and toilet, and there is a refrigerator in each room.

The university is accessible by bike and the bus connections are also very good. It takes about 25 minutes by bike.  The area around the university is overwhelming.  There are many green areas around the individual buildings. There is also a small park on the grounds of the university where you feel like on a farm. For me as a village child it is exactly the right thing.

Now I will say some words about the study program in Kortrijk, they called it FLOWS – program. Basically, this program is very much about health and psychology. In addition, one course will pay special attention to the problems in the world. For all the primary school teachers who are reading this report right now, there is the possibility of doing an internship in a school. During this internship you have the opportunity to get to know a completely new educational system and you also have the opportunity to give lessons yourself.

Of course, during my stay abroad I also visited the small but very fine country Belgium. Cities like Bruges, Antwerp, Brussels and Ghent have been visited by me and these cities you have to visit in Belgium. You can also write a few words about the city of Kortrijk. This city is very small but has everything you need. Especially beautiful are the two towers in the middle of the city, which is directly on the river Leie.

In conclusion, it can be said that I really enjoyed the time in Kortrijk, and I have had an enormous number of great experiences. This offer is highly recommendable for prospective primary school teachers, because besides the courses at the university there is also the possibility to do an internship in a school.

Author: Gregor Köberl.

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