Survey of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) for STORY project

Launch of the STORY questionnaires (Image CC BY 2.0 Horia Varlan)
Launch of the STORY questionnaires (Image CC BY 2.0 Horia Varlan)

A new survey about the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) for STORY project, which is funded with the support of the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning programme is launched.

STORY stands for Strengthening the Training Opportunities for InteRnational Youth. The aims of the project are to analyse the accessibility and quality of study and training mobility programmes and identify obstacles, especially the ones related to recognition and expectations observed by the main actors involved in study and training mobility (Students, Higher Education Institutions, National Agencies and Receiving Companies/Organisations) through online questionnaires.

The questionnaires focus on the quality, recognition, promotion and accessibility of the different student and training mobility programmes. Finally, STORY will contribute with an online platform ERASMUS INTERN which will provide an integrated market place that aims at bringing together training providers and individuals seeking a training opportunity abroad.

Questionnaire to the Higher Education Institutions (Erasmus coordinators)

Questionnaire for incoming and outgoing students

Questionnaire for companies and organisations that receive students in training mobility


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