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Universities work best in democracies, and democracies need open and engaged universities working in the service of society. Current global developments once again remind us about this and call us to affirm the civic role of universities. To register click here. What is the role of universities in fostering active citizenship? How can universities better […]

EUA launches Refugees Welcome Map (Photo Screenshot / http://www.eua.be/activities-services/eua-campaigns/refugees-welcome-map)

EUA launches Refugees Welcome Map

EUA presented the Refugees Welcome Map on 29 February 2016. It demonstrates in an interactive way how higher education institutions all over Europe are responding by engaging them and assisting them in continuing their studies, research and academic careers. You can find the map here: http://www.eua.be/activities-services/eua-campaigns/refugees-welcome-map

Webinar (Image CC BY 2.0 USAID Agrilinks / https://www.flickr.com/photos/agrilinks/15360102102)

EUA Webinar – Latest developments in academic recognition

EUA Webinar “Latest developments in academic recognition”. This webinar will present the work of recent European projects that EUA has contributed to on recognition such as EAR-HEI, STREAM and FAIR, and will discuss the role of universities in the recognition process and the challenges they encounter. Save the date: 24. February 2016, 14:00.  Please register by Friday, […]