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OeAD Newsletter 4/2022

Unterstützung für die UkraineErnst-Mach-Stipendien – Ukraine (Sonderförderung)Information für ukrainische Studierende und ForschendeVernetzungstreffen Ukraine#ScienceForUkraineERA4Ukraine für ukrainische Forschende Internationale Mobilität & Kooperation30 Jahre Franz-Werfel-StipendiumWater Research and Capacity Building in Kenya21 new Africa-UniNet projectsErnst-Mach grant for “a life in six months”Erasmus+ HochschulbildungStudierende unterstützen sahrawische FlüchtlingskinderGroßer Erfolg bei Erasmus Mundus und Jean MonnetEuropäischer HochschulraumInklusion an Hochschulen im internationalen VergleichBologna-Tag 2022 […]

Newsletter (Bildquelle Tony Hegewald / pixelio.de)

Structural Indicators for Monitoring Education and Training Systems in Europe – 2021

New publication: Eurydice report This year’s edition analyses more than 20 key structural indicators on education policies in four areas: early childhood education and care, achievement in basic skills, early leaving from education and training and higher education. It additionally provides a short overview of major reforms since the start of the 2014/15 school/academic year in […]

The future of digital and online learning in higher education

New publication This reflection paper offers a systematic overview of the current debate on how the impact of the pandemic has been valued for digital and online learning practices and adaptations. As the pandemic has forced the established understanding of education and learning towards rapid digitalization, this reflection focuses on the post-COVID-19 pandemic period and […]

Newsletter (Bildquelle Tony Hegewald / pixelio.de)

International mobility of teacher education students

Special evaluation within the framework of the Student Social Survey 2019 Authors: Judith Engleder and Martin UngerFebruary 2021 The study deals with the topic of travelling abroad by students studying at faculties or universities of education. According to the information from the questionnaires, different conclusions are reached. At the time of the survey (Summer Semester 2019), more […]

New publication “Citizen Science – Forschen mit Schulen”

The working group “Citizen Science at/with schools” has just published a guide for planning and implementing citizen science projects with schools. Researchers and teachers formulated helpful recommendations and tips for successful collaboration, which are also valuable for submissions to the funding programme “Sparkling Science 2.0”. The brochure is divided into seven chapters: Introduction Citizen science in Austria Added […]

New Publication: How Erasmus+ student mobility can affect personality traits of students

Georg Krammer, Susanne Linhofer and Heiko Vogl, teachers and researchers from the University College of Teacher Education Styria, have published the article “How Erasmus+ student mobility can affect personality traits of students”. In this publication they find out whether an Erasmus stay abroad changes your personality traits or not.