Developing and assessing intercultural communicative competence – A guide for language teachers and teacher educators

Many language teachers, teacher educators and second language acquisition researchers have expressed the conviction that the primary aim of foreign language teaching is to enable learners to communicate with people from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds in an increasingly multicultural world.

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Blockchain in Education

Blockchain is an emerging technology, with almost daily announcements on its applicability to everyday life. It is perceived to provide significant opportunities to disrupt traditional products and services due to the distributed, decentralised nature of blockchains, and features such as the permanence of the blockchain record, and the ability to run smart contracts.

Grenzen Überschreiten (image by jelle van erkelens)

Neue Publikation des OeAD : Grenzen überschreiten

17. November 2017 – Der OeAD und die österreichischen Hochschulen haben eine Publikation zu Beispielen guter Praxis von Auslandsmobilität und der Reflexion von interkulturellen Erfahrungen vor Ort veröffentlicht. Das Handbuch “Grenzen überschreiten – Facetten und Mehrwert von qualitätsvoller Auslandsmobilität in der Hochschulbildung” richtet sich an Studierende, Lehrende, junge Forscherinnen und Forscher, das Hochschulpersonal sowie an […]

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Eurydice Publication 2017/2018

This Eurydice report contains an overview of the main features of national fee and support systems. In addition there are more detailed information on each individual country. It presents the reality of fees and financial support available to students in public or government-dependent private higher education institutions for all cycle students in 2017/18. For students […]