The Erasmus Students play The Hogwarts Escape

Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Hogwarts (CC BY 2.0 Ravi Shah)

Due to the current lockdown situation in Austria, all events and meetings have been cancelled. The Institute for Diversity Studies and International Relations at the University College of Teacher Education Styria usually organises activities to promote group cohesion among the Erasmus students, but it also cares for the safety of its students.

Therefore, with the intention of continuing to do activities together, but respecting all safety measures, the institute has decided to organize group activities online. And the first one was The Hogwarts Escape: https://www.thehogwartsescape.com/

The Hogwarts Escape is an escape room related to the Harry Potter world, in which you have to solve 21 puzzles. You can do it alone or with more people.

The Erasmus students did it in groups of three or four people. They had to communicate and work together to try to solve the puzzles as fast as possible, because the winner group would have a prize!

It was a fun evening and, hopefully, more activities will come soon!

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