Traineeship in Cyprus

Cyprus (CC BY 2.0 by michieru/https://www.flickr.com/photos/michisakai/17618938929/in/photolist-sQVEH8-etaLvS-apq1S-F8ewiS-et7xiR-BSohPm-6kVEMy-fnQHGF-prbKmm-rLESw-GnL7PJ-pmyyrX-HAsY38-EAa4RS-CoRRQP-p5mKEK-bLUAT-e5NBMh-yxwW7r-pMWpwS-khCRHm-6H5A8X-nutC6H-6kVECs-7xmwUJ-dedZd-pVRW3v-6MmF7e-4Y2rgn-pmQLPz-5CkRvp-e5Q7ih-5P8W7x-EVYz1t-ccQcHS-5P8W7a-6ko6XR-pdA9u9-nHb4sa-51bwXu-pbJ6Gy-hih4mS-p5mJY4-BkFr8U-51bYjj-5Pdcus-5P8W76-6MNxR1-kdYUnK-6oHPES)
Cyprus (CC BY 2.0 by michieru/https://www.flickr.com/photos/michisakai/17618938929)

Do you want to work abroad? Let’s start! Cyprus University of Technology is informing you about a number of Traineeship positions related to administrative activities as well as research and laboratory based work in its various departments.All available traineeship positions and relevant description:
1. http://erasmus.cut.ac.cy/smt-student-mobility-for-training/

2. http://bit.ly/2dpzlLn

Interested applicants are welcome to  spend 3-6 months in the city of Limassol :

Interns are expected to be financially covered via their Sending Institutions under the Erasmus+ Program.

Don’t hesitate, let’s go! Cyprus is waiting for you!

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