What are the pluses of your Erasmus+?

The hungarian Erasmus30 campaign collected videos about youth people, students, volunteers and teachers who shared their plusses of their Erasmus+ while trying to motivate the future Erasmus generation to go abroad and let their dreams come true!

Do you want to know my story?

Check out my video!

I am sorry, because it is just in Hungarian, but you can find the translation below:

I studied in Györ at the University of West-Hungary and I had the possibility to go to Erasmus and spend the summer semester in 2014 in Graz, in Austria. After that a wonder happened, what I always really wanted, I got a job there.

On our first meeting my boss came to me and gave a little heart chocholate with the written Danke to me and she said: “I am very thankful, that you are a part of my team.”

You have got homesick of course, but a lot of students are coming from all over the world and we become a family in the end.

These were the plusses of my Erasmus+.

By Flora Bodrogi


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