Erasmus Journal Issue 4

Erasmus+ Journal (Issue 4)

  The European Erasmus programme is the most successful mobility programme for students worldwide. Since 1987, more than 3 million young Europeans have joined this programme and studied abroad. The key to success is the general acceptance among European students. The students’ feedback about one semester abroad is almost exclusively positive.

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Eurydice Publication

This Eurydice report contains more than 30 detailed structural indicators, up-to-date figures, definitions, country notes and a short analysis of recent key policy developments and reforms in five areas: early childhood education and care, achievement in basic skills, early leaving from education and training, higher education and graduate employability. 

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Eurydice Publication

Eurydice publishes the annual report on Teachers’ and School Heads’ Salaries and Allowances in Europe – 2015/16. The report provides a comparative overview on the minimum and maximum statutory salaries for teachers and school heads in pre-primary, primary and secondary public schools in 40 European countries or regions.