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Varna: European Youth Capital 2017

During one year, Varna will become a meeting point for innovative ideas, creativity and an alternative thinking. It will focus on social innovation, in particular, on the development of social entrepreneurship as a tool for development of youth participation, sustainable employment, creativity, networking, exchange and education.

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One World Center – Be a volunteer!

Do you want to volunteer? There is a perfect opportunity for you! The one world center has got a very good 18 months programme. You will learn about the conditions of the billions of people living in poverty and how it affects their health, education, freedom, economic opportunity and even-whether they live or die.

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OEAD’e-news Ausgabe 2, 15. Februar 2017

Diese Ausgabe des OEAD e-news behandelt die Themen: Siebenter Call im Rahmen von APPEAR Feiern Sie den Erasmus+ Tag mit uns und reichen Sie Ihre Ideen ein! Status der Schweiz in Erasmus+ Botschaft von Belgien – Sommerstipendien 2017 in Brüssel und Lüttich Symposium Dürnstein | 9.-11. März 2017 MIT Europe Conference | 29.-30. März 2017 Olyimpiaden in…

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Finally end of roaming charges

The end of roaming charges is near! As the last step towards the end of roaming charges by 15 June 2017, representatives of the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission agreed on how to regulate wholesale roaming markets. What a good news, you can travel anywhere in Europe the prices are the same!