Erfahrungsbericht Erasmus+: Rhodos

foto: Anna Steiner

My semester abroad in Rhodos…

I really wanted to go on a semester abroad to get to know new cultures, people and a new university system. So, I ended up in Rhodes…

The Erasmus + group was way smaller than you would expect from an Erasmus destination. We were 8 students in total. But that was no problem, because we got along very well with each other and soon grew together as a group. We also got to know some Greek students.

The university is very clearly laid out and you can quickly find your way around the two buildings. The professors are all very friendly and are happy when Erasmus students take their courses. That’s why most of them teach half in English and the other half in Greek, so that you can also be present in the course. Unfortunately, we were not offered a Greek course.

At the university, you can quickly get in touch with local students, as there is also a cafeteria where you can drink Espresso Fredo (typical Greek coffee with ice cubes) together during the breaks. So, we had a very nice and balanced university life.

The only thing that didn’t work out so well for me was the school practice. I did the semester abroad in my 7th semester, which means I would have had to do a 3-week internship. I was told by the headmaster of the local primary school that it was not possible to be in the school for so many hours. So, I made up the internship in Austria. However, I am sure that it would have worked with fewer hours needed in the lower semesters.

Out of interest, I still went to the primary school for a few mornings to see how they teach there. It was still a nice experience and the children taught me a few Greek words.

But now to Rhodes itself!

For accommodation, I would recommend staying at the Stay Hostel, as they have very cheap private rooms and you can make contacts very quickly, as other Greek students also stay at the hostel. It is in the center of the new town, and you only need 15 minutes to the university or the beach. In Rhodes town you don´t need any public transportations, as you can reach everything by foot.

Rhodes has one of the most beautiful medieval old towns I have ever seen. Small alleys, some of which remind you of a labyrinth (we often got lost), high lookout towers and the castle walls create a beautiful ambience. In the old town there are many bars, nice cafes, and tourist shops. But the best place will always be the old town bakery! There you can eat bugatsa, spanakopita and other traditional foods from Greece. The new town around the castle also has a lot to offer. Here you will find the harbor, many shops and traditional Greek restaurants where live music is played in the evening.

Rhodes has so many beautiful beaches and bays that you should definitely explore. For this, just rent a car or a scooter and start exploring. My recommendations: Lindos, a small town with typical Greek alleys and the sunset at Prasonisi beach.

foto : Anna Steiner

In the high season there is of course a lot going on, but from October onwards the tourists become fewer. The advantage? It’s still warm enough to swim and you have the beach to yourself and your Erasmus friends. So, it was also very nice in the winter semester, as we usually had temperatures above 20 degrees and could therefore escape a cold winter in Austria. The semester in Rhodes had a great impact on me and I was able to have so many great experiences and meet great people, for which I am very grateful.

Text: Anna Steiner

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