Erasmus Comic: Adventures for entering the wrong Google maps address

© Laura Pauner

This comic illustrates one of the many adventures lived during the Erasmus. It is about a situation where we were going on a trip by Flixbus to Maribor, Slovenia. Everything seemed to start well, since we left with a good margin of time inadvance, starting our way to the supposed bus stop very calmly. When we thought we had arrived, we got a surprise: instead of going to the corresponding Flixbus stop, we had arrived at the Flixbus company. By the time we realised, there was not much time left before the bus left. So we entered the address again, this time the correct one, and went there. The problem was the time, as we were supposed to have 15 minutes to walk while the bus was leaving in 10 minutes, even though we had to be there a quarterof an hour before the bus left. Some of us gave it up for lost, but others did not lose hope until the end. Finally we arrived at the bus stop after a lot of running when the bus was supposed to leave in 7 or 8 minutes. However, we were very lucky, since the driver decided to wait for us. In conclusion, the trip started with a lot of nerves and tension, but in spite of this, it turned out to be a very nice experience with our new friends

Text: Laura Pauner

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